How it all started..

A Simulator comes to life

Richard Evans | 23rd December 2018


Where does one start ?

Well often it starts with a vague idea and some software on a computer, a single screen and rudimentary sound, keyboard and mouse. It grows from there. A desire for more often festers until suddenly ideas and plans start to form.

There are many ways to achieve nirvana, and your own semblance of cockpit heaven. Some are happy with two screens , better software and better speakers. Some want a programmable joystick, others the ability to have any aircraft you can think of in their virtual hanger ready for the joy flight of your life.

Some take it to extremes that would make your eyes water. Cutting off real aircraft noses and bolting them to some sort of platform and interfacing them with todays modern computer systems, curved surround screens and even motion systems. Spending beyond $200,000 on some of them.

Where you decide to go is your decision (don’t worry if this decision changes often and rapidly as you learn what is possible). We all take a journey of discovery along the way, finding new things that can be implemented, and new ways to get around previously difficult challenges. No two sims are alike in every way.



Birth of a SIM

Mine started with MS Flight Sim, and one screen, mouse control and an EGA screen. It grew to two screens and then joysticks, throttles, extra views, Wider screens for more immersion, Mock instrument panels x3, a Flight POD, better /more specific throttles, programmable button panels, a pedestal and radios, flight instruments, switch panels, 

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