Aircraft Owners Log

February 2019

Framework safe in new Building, power and lighting now on, Aircon in hole in wall, cladding internally completed. Blocking wall cutout but not fitted. Monitors mounted but not solid or calibrated. Overhead panels still loose in frame.

MIP almost 100% ready for transfer to the Aircraft,Sound system setup and tested. Throttles just need power from MIP, Pedistal needs a new power supply 12v/5v installed. Overheads still need 5mm shimms and mount locating screws, and perspex plate assy for controller cards, plus wiring all indicators to Same.

Interior sidewall plans yet to be started for left and right sides, or rear wall.

Seats to be mounted (using a office chair at present for build).

Overhead Lining to be manufactured/fitted including speakers for warning system and intercom system.

Window Frames need work to complete to correct shape (mouldings etc).

March 2019

Pedistal has new power supply, Captains Audio fitted to Ped.

Making cables for Heasets for Captains Side, and readying Throttles for fitting.

Frame needs to be raised 85mm to accomodate Open Cockpits MIP that is 30mm higher than expected. Rear wall will need modification after it has been raised.

Overhead Aft panel 85% completed and tested. I am happy with this panel and it is operating as expected, so will fit this to roof and use as is, until funding allows me to replace the IRS and LE Flaps panels with more realistic units in the future.

A new delivery of parts has arrived (New Overhead Forward frame, new MCP, Second Audio Panel for Pedistal, New Clock for F/O side MIP, new panels for sidewalls).

New power supplies kindly donated by John Cochrane of SA. Professional grade 60A units to be fitted to cockpit to replace ALL smaller units scattered around the pit, with 1x 5v unit and 1x 12v unit. This will now power all devices, radios, backlighting etc from these superior units.

April 2019

 Fitted all panels to new Overhead Frame, commencing re-wire to fit new framework, fitting new control cards to overhead via perspex rear panel cover fixings. will now wire all to new sim wide power source for more reliable voltage.

Warp and Blend software (FlyElise) installed and licensed. Test flights show promising visuals with all screens running above 25 frames sec at Ultra settings at low level flight in heavy terrain.

1000 Watt audio tested and found sufficient for flight experience.

Headset adapters manufactured for both sides of cockpit ready for dual operation.

Wiring of Fwd Overhead panel almost complete, just needs to be tidied up and tested. Panel screws to be upgraded to False Dzuz and initial config of Flight Illusions Guages set to allow easy config.

In discussions with landscapers and fencing people to modify the Customer Entrance to be suitable for frequent traffic.

May 2019

Landscape Gardiner on retainer to setout soak wells and drainage in time for winter, cement in a landing and fabricate a gate to exterior fence.

Carpenter located and Sim Frame Skirt fitted and rear of Frame made verticle in preparation for Sim Wall.

False Dzuz fittet to Fwd Overhead

AeroSimSolutions manufactured blanking plates for pedistal

All Network points completed and working

all power supplies removed ready for re-power with Large Power Supplies from John.

Kegerator/Drinks Fridge located into Sim Hall to lubricate all fittings and fixtures (lol).

Skirt Issues!! found to be too low at front, MIP not able to be located correctly.

MIP Will have to be key for a height adjustment of the skirt.

Purchase of two IPECO J Rail Seats from the US.

Upgrade parts for Visual PC to SLI GTX 1070 Founders edition cards.

Re-Wiring commenced to incorporate new parts and new power supplies

June 2019

USB Vga installed on PC3 to enable F/O FMC/CDU to function

Seat Covers Washed and repaired

Seat Foam Repaired

Seat mechanism Lubricated

Outsourced for Seat Rails

Efis and MCP to be removed as some buttons are stuck

July 2019

FMC2 removed and repaired at Gostronics (VGA Bad)

Seat J Rails arrived from Simujabs

Overhead Forward mounts Made and fitted to Overhead panel ready to be welded

More wiring to the MIP

Investigation into SLI issues with SIM pc1

Wiring prepared for Pedistal and Overheads

Cutout of MDF for Captains Sidewall

Cutout of MDF for the F/O Sidewall

Map Light Panels Constructed

EFIS and MCP button issues resolved and MCP re-fitted to MIP

August 2019

Sidewall constructed and Painted

Mounts for Forward overhead constructed

Devider wall doors and viewing windows cut

Devider wall painted

Roster chalk board installed on Devider wall

Custom Door purchased for Devider wall

Perspex purchased for viewing windows

Sound X Devices purchased for Intercom

September 2019

Forward overhead mounts welded in place

Fake Sheepskin sourced for Pilots chairs

Panels from RusCool purchased for Intercom

Aft Overhead holes drilled and Aft Overhead fitted

Wiring mounted along side Fwd Overhead

Map lights fitted to frame

October 2019

Fwd Overhead removed as Guages not working

LE Flaps Unit ordered

LE Flaps unit fitted to aft Overhead

Sent guages away for warranty work to Switzerland

All guages and controller replaced

New Controller and new guages ordered for MIP from Flight Illusions

November 2019

Roof Liners and Roof Eybrow liners ordered


December 2019

Inspection of structure revealsed frame not anatomically correct

Jan 2020

rotary issues

Feb 2020

USB extension added to overhead

March 2020

Display issues and wiring in cocpit MIP


April 2020

Throttle into cockpit


May 2020

Wired Pedistal for 12v/5V in preparation for connection to mains power

June 2020