Overhead737 2

I am building a Boeing 737-800NG Simulator in my backyard (thank you Wife!), in the Seville Grove area of Armadale WA.

There are other passionate simmers in Baladurah (Aerosim Solutions 737) and Belmont (Giant1471 747-400)

My project is subject to available time, as Work is taking up most of my time, followed by the usual housekeeping and home maintenance with Projects and Sim Building a late 4th. With a view to go live in mid 2019, efforts are ramping up. Electrical work has been carried out and the network installed and tested. The MIP Panel is in the structure and needs some work on the deviding wall. Once this stabilises the location of the cockpit shell, then the final wiring and run up will commence followed by first flights and tuning. The aircon is now in the wall and tested on a 35deg day to hold up to stresses of the summer.

Here is what it looks like now..

And the overhead..

I hope to be having a beer in-Flight soon...

In the pages to follow you will be able to see what I am up to and how it has progressed. What i have decided and how I went about it.

So please, click on the links on the left and browse my site.

 Happy flying....!!